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Tenderly Used Selling Agreement




  1. Clothing—Items must be clean, on hangers, ironed and in current style. We cannot accept clothing STAINED, OUTDATED, TORN or that smells of SMOKE.  If we find any of the above problems after you have left, the items will be donated or thrown away.
  2. Our customer’s preferences determine what we accept for consignment. This applies to both styles and sizes. In general we accept up to size 8 in girls and size 10 in boys.
  3. Furniture and Toys—Items must be complete, without broken or missing parts. Items must be clean and free of all stains and debris.
  4. Consignor agrees to leave items in the store for a full 90 days. Consignor will have the option of picking up items that do not sell in 90 days. If consignor decides not to pick up the items, they will become the property of Tenderly Used and will be donated.
  5. Consignor authorizes Tenderly Used to mark down items periodically to keep items selling.
  6. Tenderly Used shall not be held liable for damage or loss of items beyond our control such as theft, fire, or damage that occurred on the sales floor while displayed.



Consignment Percentage



Furniture and Toys

            • 40% - 50% depending on condition


            • 25% - 40% depending on condition


You are welcome to pick up money owed to you at any time. Consignor may choose to be paid by cash, check, or in-store credit. Any money uncollected after a period of one (1) year from the last posted sale shall become the property of Tenderly Used.


Our promise to you: We will do our best to sell your merchandise at the highest sellable price. We will always be honest with you and you can be assured we are trustworthy in taking diligent efforts to manage your merchandise in an organized manner. We are always open to suggestions to help us serve you better! You are an important part of our business!




Spring & Summer merchandise accepted January 1st through June 15th.

Fall & Winter merchandise accepted July 1st through December 15th.